My name is Mary Ramirez Cook, and these are some of our stars.


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Norwood Business and Professional Women's Club Tuesday November 19th 6:45


I have been dancing since I was 3. I taught for Fred Astaire Studios and Arthur Murray before venturing out on my own. I have been blessed with 5 children, the youngest, who is pictured down in front, was born with Down syndrome. I began traveling down a road that I knew nothing about.


My son, Mathew, loves to dance. Inspired by Mathew, I decided to start a Ballroom Dance Class for young adults with Down Syndrome. Of all the classes that I teach, this one is the most rewarding. These dancers are incredible both on and off the floor!! After offering the class for almost four years, we opened our program to adults with any disability. WE established A-Marika DS, a non-profit foundation for providing ballroom dance classes for adult individuals with disabilities. One-hundred percent of all donations go to provide shoes, costumes and defray expenses for dance exhibitions and dance competitions.


I have been blessed to have many of my other students volunteer their time and talents every week and every show.


I am very proud to have such an inspiring dance team representing A-Marika Dance Company.


Life is Truly a Dance.


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