My name is Mary Ramirez Cook, and these are some of our stars.


students and teachers


Upcoming events

Reds game:  Friday July 21

Sharonfest:  Saturday July 28 4:00 (Gower Park Creek Rd.  Sharonville)

St. John’s West Chester Festival:  Sunday August 5th  4:00

Special Ballroom Festival:  Saturday October 6th 12:00  (Sharonville Convention Center)

I have been dancing since I was 3. I taught for Fred Astaire Studios and Arthur Murray before venturing out on my own. I have been blessed with 5 children, the youngest, who is pictured down in front, was born with Down syndrome. I began traveling down a road that I knew nothing about.


My son, Mathew, loves to dance. Inspired by Mathew, I decided to start a Ballroom Dance Class for young adults with Down Syndrome. Of all the classes that I teach, this one is the most rewarding. These dancers are incredible both on and off the floor!! After offering the class for almost four years at no cost to the participants, I have established A-Marika DS, a non-profit foundation for providing a Down Syndrome Ballroom dance class. One-hundred percent of all donations go to provide shoes, costumes and defray expenses for dance exhibitions and dance competitions.


I have been blessed to have many of my other students volunteer their time and talents every week and every show.


I am very proud to have such an inspiring dance team representing A-Marika Dance Company.


Life is Truly a Dance.


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